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tactic in oakland. another dustup between police and oakland's mayor would jean quan told the new york times about the zero p d e occupy rates and a boot on her car. >>> i was mad because i am >>> he checked in with cancer and left without his dentures a lot from the gold rush days could leave you vulnerable when your belongings disappear. >>> oakland's police chief has a plan to keep kids out of trouble he wants to institute a citywide curfew cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us wide view advocates say it that plan to do more harm than good. >>> special boded just turned 18 and also happens during the overnight hours >>> we do things wrong and we get crazy >>> he is not convinced a curfew will solve any of oakland's crime problems >>> you can make a law but that does not necessarily change anything kids will still go out and the kids and do their thing >>> in recent media interviews oakland police chief our jordan refloating the idea of an overnight curfew for minors a similar proposal was considered but not enacted by the oakland city council jordan says he wants to see a curfew approv
there in riverside county 1,800 a. have been burned as crews have only about 5% contains the air. oakland police are looking for two suspects in the shooting that killed the five year-old boy on december 30th of last year. one is an african-american male in his 20s six-foot tall about 185 lbs. he was with an american american woman in her early 20s described as 57 140 lbs.. surveillance video, the getaway car which police say a is a light-colored chevy impala 2006 to 2009 model any tips on the suspects should be reported to the oakland police. for months now the oakland police department has been plagued by problems with his emergency radios. many say the $18 million system simply doesn't work well now we've learned there may be an even bigger problem. alan martin with the story will only see on cbs five. >>> offices on the hour minute or day in which it goes dead three weeks ago the are was crucial couldn't talk to each other or the dispatch center. >>> the president of the oakland police union says the officers have come up with their own way of staying in touch officers use their cell phone
and oakland it's a nice drive. also the morning commute on interstate 880 is looking good so far. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> 6:01. we are starting breaking news in san francisco. two people have died in a house fire. we want to take you to a live picture. this is a live picture. look at all of the firefighters out there. this ask outside the home on vienna street. this is near john mclaren park. now the fire itself started about 3:30 this morning. the two victims senior citizens very well known in this neighborhood. one of the victims bodies has already been brought out. the other is still inside the house. firefighters say it was a very hard fire to put out and when they first arrived there was a live wire that melted from a home next door. once they got inside though, firefighters were facing yet another challenge. >> we are confronted with heavy stockpiling of debris inside the house. >> fire marshal has now investigating to what caused this fire. a lot of the area is blocked off to traffic because the fire crews are still out there. stay tuned we'll bring you a live report fro
you may remember children caught in the crossfire of gun violence here in oakland really shook up the community and police are hoping the new clues will lead to some arrests in at least this case, the death of a five year-old boy. here are the sketches that the just released. an african-american man in his 20s with short hair, maybe wearing glasses, and an african- american woman in her early 20s with dark hair. this is surveillance video of the suspected getaway car. police say it is a light- colored chevrolet impala 2006- 2009 and there may have been additional women in that car as well. five year-old gabriel martinez jr. was shot near his family's tahoe truck. back on december 30th just before 9:00 p.m. he was out walking with his father through the parking lot when he was shot and his mother was working on the truck at the time. the crime stoppers is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. >> it took just hours for san jose police to arrest a man in the stabbing death of a woman in midtown sort of. police arrested a 37 year-old man in the b
marijuana dispensaries. oakland police followed the marchs but made no arrests. >>> speaking of vandalism, police say two of their own car were hit near city hall early thursday. they say it was part of an attack to an relationship to an investigation. >>> police putting out new warnings for anyone who shops on craig's list. we are told about the new rash of robberies. the latest targeting a car buyer who was lured by an internet ad right into a trap. >> give me the money or kill, i kill. >> this man say he was robbed to the gunpoint when he respond today an ad on craigslist. he said the person wanted him to come here this quiet section of berkeley to buy the car. when he showed up he was robbed by two men. >> he broke my glass and said give me the money. and i had the guy in my head. give me the money. >> he says he had his wife and two young daughters in the car with limb at the time. he also had the $6,500 in cash seen here that he had to pay for the car. >> because he say only cash, no checks, no nothing, only cash. >> brooklyn police say he's the fourth victim this past week in an in
about the heat wave how hot to buy and oakland's. when don newton and her husband bought their dream home and oakland's destroyed in april the day that $1.4 million 70,000 below the asking price. for a home that that on the market in six months. so when the couple play for sale sign on their two- bedroom home and scenic ave and they didn't expect to get aid offers it sold in 15 days. the bank that we ended up accepting a $67,000 over what we're asking. me we're stunned. oakland has the fastest selling homes in u.s.. with an average of only 24 days and markets. oakland is a hot area right now. it is popping. military say several factors are driving the real estate frenzy the city has 65% fewer homes on the market this year than last 30 to 40% of sales have been on distressed towns like foreclosures mortgage interest rains in decades and oakland homes of the median price for more affordable than across the bay. what's happening and san francisco is the price points are really getting out of a lot of people's reach said looking at the sister across the bay to come into lives to work and
higher. a violent crime is spiking in oakland. robberies are up 20% from this time last year in rates have increased by 23 percent. aggravated assaults of climbed nearly 5%. da lin is live in oakland. what is the mayor saying about the increase in crime? it's >> i asked mayor jean quan some tough questions and before those questions she was enthusiastic talking about the event behind me that they call friday in the park. the mayor and many families hope that this type of event helps to reduce violent crimes in the city. >> close to 70 homicides in oakland so far this year according to police. needless >> the mayor thinks oakland is getting better under her leadership. >> 20 years ago we had 180 murders. we are trying to get below 100 this year. >> people say it is going to take more than the mayor to turn oakland around and that is why they are here, to be part of the solution, not the problem. >> it makes the community stronger. >>will: 100-200 people at this east oakland park say more of this type of of that should happen in oakland so that kids can come here instead of joining gang
. >> breaking news out of oakland. 100 protesters taking to the streets near downtown oakland. tonight this turned destructive. kron 4's kate thompson is live on the scene. what is happening? >> reporter: well, right now the protesters have dispersed but earlier a large crowd between 175-200 people marched, when they got here to the obama campaign headquarters, they smashed the window that is shattered all over the sidewalk. we can give you a closer look that damage they did to the window. there is a lot going on here in oakland tonight. it is their -- monthly arts walk. there are tons of people on the streets, lots of activity and throughout the art walk, 175 protesters started coming down the street, witnesses heard them chanting and they heard a huge crack and smash and the window coming down. there were people inside at the time and there were 4-5 people who remain inside the building at this point. there is also a police presence that remains out here. a couple of officers while they are hopefully going to get this boarded up and clean up the glass because there are a lot of peopl
for awhile, but they are back on the big art and soul festival. a crowd of protesters gathered in oakland. they took down a fence and smashed windows and had a campaign office for president obama. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live at telegraph and 17th. >> good evening. we started out with a very different story in mind. you know we talked about focusing on the art and soul festival. we wanted to highlight some of the positive things in this community that continues to struggle. look over my shoulder. this is the narrative that ended up taking control of the evening. there were about 2,000 people participating in the oaknd la first fridayy vepped -- oakland first friday event. they were protesting near 17th and telegraph. they were angry their application for a permit to protest and occupy the corner of 17th and telegraph at the first friday event was denied by the city. oakland police say a crowd of as many as 200 marched from 24th to telegraph and 17th and telegraph and broke a window. there were a few staff members working at the time. none were injured. off camera i was told there
in oakland but determine for him to succeed >>> i do know i did not want my child to be as statistics >>> this way oakland's police chief said he wants to see a curfew in place for the youth but city leaders say that is not necessarily the solution >>> what would you do when you get them off the street there are other things they need to do >>> will need occurred you need something on the inside of our young people >>> a father a five year-old twins being in the home with his children is most important. >>> a lot of kids go through a lot of different things and broken homes the father in their life is a good foundation for the family. >>> a i'll have another that kept me focused and straight and narrow >>> lisa washington cbs 5 >>> damage control and presidential campaign does not look like this patchwork of plywood french president obama's campaign office in downtown oakland. crews made repairs at the 16th street office the office in the path of one handed protesters last night windows were smashed by a mob that gathered on broadway and at 9:00 p.m. nobody in the
suspect in the double homicide. >> the art and soul festival in downtown oakland is wrapping up. event orers station open for midnight allows for late hour light shows but poses problems. demonstrators on friday bashed in the front window0s of president obama's oleaks headquarters. the windows are boared up. win venter is hoping for a safe party. >> no breaking windows no breaking shops, nothing, having a good time. that's what oakland needs. >> alan: the city's biggest festival is in the 12th year and continues with 50 musical acts of five stages covering several blocks. >> a half dozen wildfires are burning in oklahoma this morning and authorities are looking for an arson suspect at least 56 homes have been damaged or detroit. residents of two towns are being evacuate as a precaution. authorities are looking for a man seen though lit newspaper out of oenthusiastic. official says this might be the worst wildfire season in history. >> firefighters are on the scene until later today to make sure this fire doesn't ring ring-re-ignite. it broke out in rug terrain near los gatos, on
developing news in the east bay. a fatal crash has shut down streets in the port of oakland. that happened at about three hours ago. ktvu alex savidge is at the scene with exclusive video of this accident scene. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. chp spokesperson tells me this morning this was a very short pursuit involving chp officers that lasted only 14 seconds and ended here behind us where you see an investigation is still under way. you look at the roadway there you can see skid marks leading up to the area where the car crashed and one person was killed. the car lost control and hit the tree. this is on seventh street. everything started around 2:00 this morning when the chp officers tried to stop the car for running through a stop sign. the car sped off, lost control, hit the scene. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the passenger taken to highland hospital with minor injuries expected to survive. they are trying to figure out closely this car was being followed. >> i'm not absolutely certain if at that point they were actively pursuing or backed off. once aga
glitches in oakland's police radio system. that system is a life line for officers responding to emergencies. christie smith is live in oakland where city leaders blame at&t. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. oakland police officers have complained about this for some time. and for good reason. they had a hard time communicating with each other. now the city is saying that they figured out what the problem is and that it's interference from the cell phone tower. at&t has temporarily disabled the antennas on 16 of the towers while the problem is permanently fixed. it's a headache for patrol officers on the street, the $18 million system has been troubled from the start. they had poor reception and bad audio. you may recall the night president obama visited in july radios went down though he was actually gone at the time. he had left town. oakland says at&t's 2g networks are interfering with the radios when officers get too close to some of the towers, the radios go dead. 16 towers as i said are impacted in oakland but not done looking. >> identify all of
cabrera, colon released a statement, apologizing to his fans, teammates and the oakland a's. >>> in the meantime, the san francisco giants have cancelled the t-shirt giveaway next month scheduled in honor of their disgraced outfielder melky cabrera. today major league baseball also banned an associate of cabrera's from team clubhouses. that associate admitted creating a phony website meant to help cabrera protest his positive drug test. >>> coming up in just 15 minutes, mark will join us with what fellow oakland a's players had to say just hours after bartolo colon's suspension. >>> richmond residents still want answers tonight about the chevron refinery. new at 6, consumer editor tom is live in richmond with new information that you found out about the major testing on the line that failed. >> reporter: that's right. and only on two. the question is, was this refinery truly thoroughly inspected? in the spring of 2010, an explosion in washington state claimed seven claims. so cal osha, our state agency, charged with protecting workers from industrial safety hazards, inspec
in the roadway here. that car slam into a tree. a '91 honda civic. this is right in the port of oakland. everyone started around 2:00 this morning when a chp officer nearby tried to stop the car for running a stop sign but the car sped off eventually the driver lost control and hit that tree. he died on scene. his passenger survived and being treated at the hospital. because of where this deadly crash took place, oakland police will be handling this investigation. >> because the pursuit terminated on oakland city streets, our fatal accident team will go out and come investigate the matter. that only happens when there is a fatal traffic accident on oakland city streets. our guys will come out and conduct the investigation. even when another agency is involved. >> reporter: i'm told by a a spokesperson from the chp. two officers were likely inside that car, inside the cruiser that was pursuing the car earlier this morning. both of those officers tried to give medical aid to the people inside the car. obviously the one man was dead on scene. the passenger taken to highland hospital and being treate
>> foremost, the rev. last made news when he and went from being the bishop of oakland to the next archbishop of the entire san francisco archdiocese but unfortunately he has made news again >> he is very embarrassed and very sorry and they kept filling his glass and filling his glass and i didn't want to seem like a bossy mother but i should have told me was drinking too much wine >> his mother was with him when he was arrested driving under the influence about col. pullover just after midnight saturday and released from jail before noon that same day >> it shows me that he is human just like all us >> nobody is perfect and no religion is perfect so we all have housecleaning to do >> he works here at oakland's cathedral of christ. he is originally from san diego where he was arrested. he is considered a hardliner against same-sex marriage. he is against the death penalty and in favor of a ballot measure to make it tougher for teenagers to get an abortion. he is supposed to take over in october. is this something that might stop that? what is the churches stand? so far, no comment. >> give hi
. the president of the united states was in oakland and the 100 city officers assigned to protect him at times couldn't talk to each other or the dispatch center. the president of the oakland police union says officers, with their own ways of staying in touch. and the scarcity is a they have the officer with them in the likely event that the radio fails. the years say the problems experienced during his president in of the cooling units this represents a computer model that shows what 95 percent portable. we spoke with the man in charge of a region already has system and each one of the green tiles as a tile the past many believe to be a solution to oakland's problem. the east bay regional communications system authority is nearly complete and will serve almost every emergency agency in alameda and contra costa so far openness and with its own system. and certainly the city of oakland the city of piedmont are the only 2 in alameda county the cities that are not members today. he says one of the regional systems towers is being built right next to one of oakland's tower sites. the city's site c
of people collect them for their aquarium. in the bay area 75 at concord in oakland 65, 64 at sfo a beautiful day and throughout the bay area we have a clear view of the golden gate bridge and the transamerica pyramid. visibility improved after a system went through yesterday. as a result clipped crystal clear skies. increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures high near 100 degrees in law and by thursday. we have this monsoon moisture that came from the desert it comes ever far northern california. it cleared things up. low clouds come back along the shoreline low pressure spans over the pacific northwest will look for things to be warmer tomorrow. a lot warmer by the end of the week out the door expect clouds along the shoreline, future cast shows low clouds ticking at the peninsula, and then off shore completely leaves us with a clear sense that tomorrow night. sfo has morning clouds of high of 70 degrees thunder bumpers expected in new york city and new work. the extended forecast will get hot. we increase temperatures monday we peak near 100 by thursday and friday. saturday it
of death was pneumonia. >>> up next, oakland sued. >> i predicted it. i said somebody will get hurt on this road. >> why friends and family are blaming oakland's bad roads for the death of a cyclist. and a nervous day in the air. what a steb word ease found -- stewardess found that forced them to get back to to the ground. >> from dance moms to little league drama there is@ñ@ññcús Ñq >>> the family of a cyclist killed in a tragic ar last year is now suing the city of oak lands. they said the city was warned of the dangerous road conditions and did nothing to fix them. the accident happened last september at grizzly peak boulevard and clairemont avenue. alan wang joins us live from the oakland hills now. alan? >> larry, this is typical of what many cyclists have to dodge up here on grizzly peak of the widow of the cyclist killed here is suing oakland claiming it violated a government code by failing to fix a dangerous road. a rut in the road less than two inches wide ended the life two aather of two andigh. an avid cyclist from alameda. >> he was totally with the safety. he had
of oakland these days tonight one family prepares to bury a third victim. the latest a 16 year-old gunned down the hail of bullets while with a group of friends. reporter kristin harris spoke with their family. if you 16 year-old tatiana turner was killed last night. to the teenagers do addressing opposed in these pictures on facebook. she lost her life. tatyana had come to this convenience store to buy candy. it's as pop pop pop. bullets pierced the pickup truck when it all stopped a 23 year-old male was shot and was expected to live. tatyana was already gone. >>> shot heard stuns that's really the hardest part saturday be now has to go up without a mom. and they are interviewing witnesses. there were present during the shooting and that is part of the investigation. the family can't figure out how the oakland high student with a big smile became the city's 69, said victims this year. >>> if the lead this was just once again a random act of violence. in this family knows about random other violence tatiana's own father was shot and killed four years ago last month her cousin the 15 yea
of oakland and wellcome could you tell us about this though no >>> this is the fault of the mausoleum below our news cathedral of christ the light edges ticket you're going this time and below is this mausoleum where people can in to the loved ones is an aging tradition in the church to enter the loved ones and a church facility because it is a sacred space. will make this available for the people letter diocese. >>> and this is especially meant was an they're moving of the cast casket of the first bishop of oakland >>> and there's a section in the mausoleum for the bishops of the diocese to be interest so his remains were transferred into that's correct. >>> you're beginning to oakland how has it been in just a few months there now. >>> i officially took over in may 5th so it's been about for five months now. >>> what inspires him but the people of oakland? >>> they're very alive and very committed to to putting their faith into action. and working for the common good and social justice and a sense a lot of energy in the diocese. we have problems to there's lots of inner-city in viol
old. a relative says the cause of death was pneumonia. >>> up next, oakland sued. >> i predicted it. i said somebody will get hurt on this road. >> why friends and family are blaming oakland's bad roads for the death of a cyclist. and a nervous day in the air. what a steb word ease found -- stewardess found that forced them to get back to to the ground. >> from dance moms to little league drama there is >>> the family of a cyclist killed in a tragic accident last year is now suing the city of oak lands. they said the city was warned of the dangerous road conditions and did nothing to fix them. the accident happened last september at grizzly peak boulevard and clairemont avenue. alan wang joins us live from the oakland hills now. alan? >> larry, this is typical of what many cyclists have to dodge up here on grizzly peak boulevard. now the widow of the cyclist killed here is suing oakland claiming it violated a government code by failing to fix a dangerous road. a rut in the road less than two inches wide ended the life of 53-year-old alan leigh. he was the father of two and an avid cycl
anniversary of the train up the system in new orleans designed to keep the city safer. >>> oakland's public safety radio system has been plagued problems we have told you about that, we have uncovered what looks like a security breach with the system that cut not only police officers puts the more risk but the people of oakland allen martin with the story you only see on cbs 5. >>> we cannot tell me where this is for security reasons this property in east bay hills critical to the safety of oakland home to a ready transmission tower when the three that power the city's public safety radio system. it is the system oakland police depend on when radioing for back up at a crime scene this tower the when that failed. during president obama's visit in july we walked right up to let there's a partial fans and vandals have been here too and lined up the tower to spray graffiti and tell east bay mud put up a fence for a construction project the transmission tower was completely unprotected. at the site we visited had minimal protection >>> i'm very disappointed >>> we show the video to the oakland
challenge crews had to face in getting to the victims >> a chp chased ends a deadly crash in oakland. >> limited visibility due to fog, details in just a few minutes >> areas of fog and even some drizzled with morning and returned to sunshine this afternoon. >> good morning everyone. we have an update on breaking news in san francisco where arson investigators are checking the scene of a deadly fire. >> kate is in the excelsior district or two people died this morning. >> the update we have for you, we know the san francisco fire chief has arrived on scene area firefighters are just mopping up after it was contained. they tell me they got the call right around 330 this morning. it was neighbors who called in the fire. when they got to the scene they saw smoke billowing from the second floor. >> the heat and the smoke and debris, we had a fire fight to secure the area so we could do the search and also keeping the fire at bay while we removed the victim >> the second victim was also on the second floor. we are told that they were two elderly gentleman who live in the home. 60 firefigh
for oakland, san francisco and san jose. gas prices have risen about 45 overnight and about 165 from a week ago. we have made it very easy to find the cheapest gas in san francisco, oakland and san jose. sandy in your view were photos, we will post pictures to the site. this gas price locator is agree told the of the navigator these tough times and save money at the pump. we encourage you to stick with kron4 for continuing coverage of the chevron refinery fire and gas prices as a result. we of the latest information on our web site as well as facebook and it twitter. >>pam: a young mother was gunned down last night when someone opened fire on a group of people. another man was injured in the incident. da lin is joining us live from oakland police headquarters. >>da: the mother was only 16 years old and a student at oakland high school. she was walking with a group of five people when someone opened fire around 10:30 p.m.. it happened near the intersection of foothill boulevard in east oakland. piquancy in the footage the bullets went through cards, windows and homes. if the bullets also str
. >> oakland city leaders are waking up to a new scathing report slamming the police department for wasting millions on unused technology. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland right now and she has the latest blow on that embattleled department. >> reporter: seems like the hits keep coming against the oakland police department. this time in a report from the city auditor's department that even with budget problems the oakland police department spent nearly $2 million on technology equipment that it either didn't use or didn't use enough. starting with the shot spotter technology system, the city spent almost half a million dollars on it. what it is a series of microphones that pick up the sound of gunfire and help get police to the scene quickly. the report found that there were some staffing issues involved and police had only one computer for it and that wasn't always monitored. the report covers five years from 2006 to 2011. it also found while police spent about a million dollars on a video system for patrol cars, that could record interactions with residents it didn't
and shows us why oaklanders say they have reason to be proud. christian kafton. >> reporter: you can see that djs have taken over at oakland city hall and you can see the light show projected on the side of the building. tonight the party goes until midnight and oakland residents say this party is an economic windfall. tonight it's all about art and soul. music filled the air as oakland's signature fair got underway. >> oakland isn't as bad as what people are saying. >> reporter: the phoenix draws visitors from all over the bay area. >> it has incredible music. >> reporter: mayor quan says these festivals draw visitors to oakland. >> we were able to add back staff and add back programs this year, because our economy is on the rise. >> reporter: bryant thomas is one of oakland's small businessman and he says gnarledly the downtown is empty on the weekend and festivals like this bring potential customers out. >> i thought it would be a good idea to promote myself and bring more business to my business. >> we have seen a noticeable police presence on alert in case there is unrest follo
. oakland was to cut down on violence and especially by and against children the police chief called for a curfew. cbs 5 reporter lisa washington says parents are taking a different approach. >>> another statistic on oakland crime since january more than 400 juveniles arrested for major and violent crime scan from homicide to car thefts and oakland pastor holds a parenting conference will reduce crime. >>> and not excited about it just my son's done well i want yours to do well to. >>> growing up i was his mother instilled his mother but we have formed a friendship as well >>> she is a conference attendee and proud mother of our son she says there are challenges raising her son in oakland but determine for him to succeed. >>> a lot of people thought i was too hard on him but i did not want him to be as statistic. >>> the oakland police chief like to see a curfew for the city's youth but parents say that is not necessarily the solution >>> what will you do when you get them off the street? >>> i don't think we need a curfew, when need to get something on the inside of these young peop
to pam. >>> we have breaking news lines are down in parts of oakland after a car crash took out a utility pole. tara moriarty is at the scene to show us what is happening out there right now, tara? >> reporter: we are not sure exactly how widespread this power outage is, it's extremely dark and has beenfor several blocks. we are on 81st avenue near sa leandro boulevard and there is a light pole causing all these problems. it happened when a vehicle slammed into a pole when a fire hide grand and wires tore off the street. it appears the vehicle took off and a nearby bakery called dough bake had to be shut down and 60 people had to go home when the power shut off. >> the supervisor told me go home, we can't bake in the dark so i am going home. >> they are losing tons of money not being able to bake their baked goods with and other pastries. the power will not be on for another four to five hours. pg&e. >>> they are trying to restore power to 2 5,000 customers which after a car hit a pole in novato, downed power lines lit the grass on fire, 40 acres burned, customers in novato lost power and
was a fixture on talk shows and other television programs. >>> the oakland police department faces the threat of a federal takeover. a court-appointed monitor says the city has not moved quickly enough to implement the reforms the court has required. >> reporter: this report indicates the police department is still not in compliance with court-ordered reforms, and the fact remains behind almost stagnant. supervision and the review of work by officers remain of concern, andbout the - raised about the police response to occupy oakland, some officer-involved shootings, and the department response those raise even greater concerns >> i don't believe they believe these reforms are necessary. >> reporter: this is one of the attorneys that filed the original lawsuit that led to these reforms >> the supervisions, the prigzs, the people who -- the politicians, the people who are responsible for the systemic dysfunction in the police department are never held accountable. >> reporter: the report also indicates photos posted inside police headquarters of a federal judge, possibly the one on this case,
are expected to be impacted by this new fee. >>> we are tracking overnight news out of oakland where firefighters are investigating the cause of a house fire. that happened just before midnight on 98th avenue. people say they were awakened by the smell of smoke. >> flames started coming underneath the deck at the back of the house. i just got everybody out. >> she said everybody got out. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> investigators could get their first look at chevron's badly damaged crude unit today if it's safe enough to enter. the u.s. chemical safety board says its experts will be in richmond today to enter the number four crude unit. it was damaged by the fire last monday. two hours after chevron said its workers discovered a leaking pipe. federal investigators say they plan to conduct independent tests of that section of pipe to figure out why it failed. meantime chevron help center will be back open at 9:00 this morning for people that want to file a claim. it's located at the nevin community center. weekday hours from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the center is also open an s
with the oakland police department the city is trying to fix what's wrong >>> dead spots to ready a silence oakland say are they're dealing with a touching click cheap radios system. when president obama was visiting oakland >>> i want a system that works >>> this president of the oakland police association had problems recently as friday >>> officers reported glitches service >>> they found a determine what was causing the problem >>> these cell sites >>> this is at&t's fruit fell cellphone tower it is set at gq system and in affairs with radio traffic at&t switched off the antenna and 15 others in oakland. >>> credit problems linked to the tower but some problems persist but he's heard all this before they've done a fix last year with no real results and >>> it will take some time to know if this is actually the problem >>> this is not the first time this his hand for similar problems with the port authority due to a cellphone towers to at&t says this is a temporary fix. liven of glen christin ayers cbs 5 >>> the department of agriculture it suspended operations at the central valley meat company
>>> a violent night on the streets of oakland after a series of shootings leave several people wounded and one person dead. we'll have the latest on all of the investigation coming up. >>> there is new fallout from the refinery fire. and earlier statement about the health hazards are not entirely true. >> it happened just hours ago. dramatic video. >> nearly a 45-degree spread. will that trend continue today and into the weekend? >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve knows all about the friday weather. >> steve, come on you always right. >> oh stop that. cool by the coast. fog is filling in there. it's already in the 60s for lows. there is a couple indications temperatures could come down one or two degrees. it will still be in the its or -- in the 90s or 100s away from the coast. >>> traffic is moving along nicely on southbound 101. also on the east shore freeway things are getting a little busier as you head west. let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01. in overnight n
dispensaries. they made no arrests. there were no injuries. oakland police say two of on their own cars were hit near city hall. it was part of a coordinated attack to protest a federal investigation into anarchist activity. >>> police are reporting new warnings for shots on craigslist the new rash of robberies latest targeting a car by they're was lured into a trap. >> this man said he was robbed at gunpoint when he responded to an ad. the seller wanted him to come here in hillcrest court to buy the car. when he showed up he was surprised by two men. he does not want his faces seen on camera. >> two guys. my window in my glass in my truck, give me the money and had the gun in my head. >> reporter: he says he had his wife and two young daughters with him at the time. he had the $6500 in cash to pay for the car. >> he said only cash, not check, only cash. >> reporter: oakland police say he is the fourth victim this past week in an apparently inkreets go rash of robberies. >> we've had four robberies in the last four days. so we've seen one or two robberies within the couple of weeks. >> they
, it is a matter of the legislature will continue when they reconvene in august. in oakland, cbs 5. >> another bay area headlines, the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was a no show in court today. percy love torres had been scheduled to enter a plea. but the hearing was postponed until next month at the request of the defense. investigators say that dna links him to the morgan hill teenager who vanished in march. he is due back in court august 29th. >> fire broke out at a construction site in the mission district today. the workers tried to extinguish the flames before the firefighters got there to put them out. because of that fire is under investigation. >> no word yet on what started a fire that left a popular berkeley barbecue joint charred. it broke out overnight at son paulo in university, it did $30,000 in damage to the rear of the building but the inside was not touched. >> what should be greener than recycling machines that harness the wind and turn it into electricity? one east a company that does that wants to show off their work by building what would be the first wi
. it >>> oakland police chief calls for a youth curfew some are saying that is not the right solution. >>> bigger paychecks in the forecast the reason many bosses plan to give raises in the coming year. she's america's golden girl gaby giffords' has become an icon and she inspires the understands. ,,,,,,,, >>> the daughter of the the father of the 6 year-old boy in this picture has been charged with child endangerment stockton police found the photo as a screen saver on raul gonzales is a cellphone during a drug bust on wednesday. >>> that this judge on the track to think that criminal activity is ok. >>> in addition to job endangerment guns alice and issue under brother charged with a number of drug and weapons violations. oakland's police chief has a plan to keep kids out of trouble it wants to institute a citywide curfew mark sayre tells us some advocates the plan to do more harm than good. >>> flat and crime is up in oakland police chief says the time is right for a youth curfew but some say that is not the right direction. >>> he just turned 18 and knows what happens on the streets and the o
and digital 7.2 and 7.3. >> ama: now to the violent weekend in oakland where three children have been injured in a series of shootings. we're live in oakland. reporter: there have been 77 homicides in oakland so far this year, up from 74 last year. so far this weekend three children were wounded in three separate shootings, two adults were killed. now residents and city officials are frustrated and angry this violence just won't stop. >> the shooting started friday night in west oakland at 8:00 on sycamore. a 46-year-old man was shot and killed. a 7-year-old boy was grazed in the neck by a stray bullet. police say more than 20 shots were fired in this incident. at 33:00 a.m. saturday a 12-year-old girl was wound when bullets entered her home. no one else was hurt and no apparent motive. the children child wounded is a 14-year-old boy. shot while in an apartment complex. this shooting also claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman who was visiting friends. unlike the other two children who are in stable condition, the 14-year-old is in critical condition at children's hospital. what seems to be
process earlier. >>> the city of oakland hopes to work with community leaders to oppose a plan to install five billboards in oakland. it would be on the old army base and it would help raise money for job workers. the program called make oakland beautiful says two of the billboards would be illuminated and that would cause extreme light pollution. >>> bart riders are being warned about a spike in robberies around several eastbound stations. police handed out fliers advising commuters to conceal their electronic devices imparticular. thieves have been stealing tablets and phones because they are a source of quick and easy cash. commuters can become easy targets for thees when they are paying more attention to their electronics than to their surroundings. >>> it's 4:36. time to check back in with sal for a complete look at traffic so far this morning. hi sal. >> hi pam. happy friday to you. welcome back. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area now. it's early. some of the pictures i will show you won't have a lot of traffic on them. for example eastbound and westbound 80 heading ou
coming up. there we go. >> 54 degrees in oakland. 59 in concord. 59 in san jose. >> you know what? i have to show you the maps for san jose where we actually had a couple of accidents that just in the last 30 seconds cleared from this report. so let me tell you what may still be going on. we have southbound 280, earlier accident, route 4 hit the center divide, spun around, blocked the left lane for about an hour but that's coeur d'alene as well as northbound 880. that transition, a fender bender there as well but things have cleared. we'll look at a live shot outside and see how things are shaping up for the peninsula. 101 northbound with the headlines come you through palo alto. no delays between south bay and the bridge. >> women's gymnastics walking away with the top prize. >> this is something that's not been done since back in 1996. it was jordyn wieber overcoming that disappointment for not qualifying with that all around finals. she and her teammates outscoring the gymnast from russia who struggled with slips and their falls. now after winning that gold wieber talks about her feeli
to oakland. the city of oakland is now pointing the finger at at&t. and that could lead at&t to turn off some cell towers in the east bay. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in oakland with more details on this problem and the fix. jean? >> reporter: well, raj, oakland city staffers looking into the troubled radio system say they noticed a pattern when they mapped out the radio's dead spots. many of those spots surrounded cell phone towers like this one. and they say testing revealed at&t is interfering with the police radio system. >> the vehicle they were chasing crashed. he called in a car accident. and then the suspect fought the officers. and the officer got on the radio to inform dispatch and husbais colleagues what was going on. he was transmitting but he couldn't hear. >> reporter: an oakland police officer on friday didn't know if help was coming when he needed it. his radio failed. police say the $18 million system routinely puts people in danger. after a year of complaints city staffers say they identified the problem. >> i can honestly tell you that at this time we know at&t is one
. there were about 2,000 people participating in the oaknd la first fridayy vepped -- oakland first friday event. they were protesting near 17th and telegraph. they were angry their application for a permit to protest and occupy the corner of 17th and telegraph at the first friday event was denied by the city. oakland police say a crowd of as many as 200 marched from 24th to telegraph and 17th and telegraph and broke a window. there were a few staff members working at the time. none were injured. off camera i was told there were a few who were still quite shaken by the incident. there is a huge amount of glass that was caused -- that was damaged in the -- by those who broke the window and during the march. protesters who broke the campaign office window continued to march down the street. police are not sure, but campaign workers told me there were bricks and stones that came through the window. staffers have been trying to clean up the mess. there are a bunch of voter registration cards that are on the streets. the opd thinks the crowd has dispersed. now, what we have seen is the police d
and science museum in oakland to watch the landing. among the nasa fans, dozens of children. the center stayed open late to accommodate all the watchers. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the mission to mars. we'll have the latest throughout the day and you can keep up with the mission on as well as on our twitter and facebook pages. >>> contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a weekend brawl at a high school graduation party. the contra costa times reports it happened saturday on red wing drive and viking place in alamo. up to 30 people may have been involved, possibly current and former students from de la sal high in concord -- at least three injured, including one who suffered a broken jaw. no word on what lead to that >> superman ride at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is back in action. park officials shutdown the ride for a week after it left a dozen people stranded in the air. the ride roped yesterday. just a few hours later, the ride stalled again, only for 20 minutes. park officials say the problem resulted from the ride's power supply n
and the suspect was arrested. >>> oakland's police chief is stepping up his campaign against violent crime. claudine wong tells us that the chief is renewing the call for a city-wide curfew. >> reporter: certainly the curfew debate has been debated before here at oakland. we are at the oakland police department where once again people are talking about a curfew as a possible solution to the crime in oakland. the police chief now saying that he wants to consider options and is working on a proposal. now this came up with carlos nava back in august of 2011. you may remember the three-year- old boy shot down on international boulevard. at that time, then police chief anthony bats said a curfew was needed to stop the violent crime. at that point the mayor of oakland said she opposed a cur fie. she later changed her mind but was still part of a vote that sent it back to a public safety committee. when it was in committee police chief anthony bats stepped down. it seemed like the debate and issues and questions over whether a curfew would work it went away and then started on the 100 block plan.
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